Cursed Cat Memes With Shareable Images

A black cat crossing a road in a cursed photoshop image is referred to as Cursed Cat Memes, also known as Angry as Fuk and у сука. The altered photo became popular as an image macro on Reddit in March 2019 after becoming widely popular among Russian users as part of the “e” trend.

A collection of pictures taken by photographer Christopher Furlong at the scene of a fatal shooting in Derby, United Kingdom, were posted on Getty Images on November 12th, 2008. In one of the pictures, a black cat was seen crossing the street next to two policemen.
The photograph was heavily used online over the ensuing years, showing up in several news stories and blog posts.
Unknown user shared a manipulated version of the image in November 2018. The cat was depicted in the cut as a bipedal creature with a hilariously irate posture. The photograph was posted on Twitter by @pinchenic on November 28, 2018, when it was first discovered. The altered photo was uploaded to the Facebook community on December 1st.

Cursed Black Cat Meme

Cursed Black Cat Meme
Cursed Black Cat Meme

Generic Black Cat Meme

cursed black cat

When that song hits you hard

funny cat meme about mayans

Spanish love their Mayan friends

cursed black hat funny

I see number 2. Number one is photoshopped

angry as fuc cat

He angry as fuc. Better get out of here

cursed black memes

Where has my meme gone sir?

Cursed Cat Images And Memes

poor cursed cat

The cat had a great time. I dont trust him

crying cat meme

Why are you crying pus-pus

photogenic cat meme

Now say cheese, you damn cursed cat meme

funny dog cat meme

That’s what Tom thinks too

cursed cat searching for the remote

I think I touched a Chupacabra

confused cat meme

Obey and you will be spared, cat

cat farting meme

Stop farting Walter. Its not funny

cursed cat memes and jokes

My name is Walter. Why are you so stuffed today?

cursed cat on couch meme

My couch human. Go sit in the litterbox

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